Cosmik and Deuce Club Casino close down.

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Cosmik and Deuce Club Casino close down.

Is the AFFPOWER group in trouble? They are closing down their two first brands. This company's casinos are banned at many casino sites including Complete Casino List. The news that they are closing two brands is good so hopefully the ban from sites like ours have helped.

These casinos are known for fake games, slow payouts etc. Read more in our blacklist.

Press release from the group follows here;

Hi, I'd like to inform you that Cosmik Casino and Deuce Club will be discontinuing their services on the 28th of June 2016. All active links will be redirected to our partner brands Osiris, Park Lane, Atlantic and Euromoon.

Why are the brands closing?

Deuce Club and Cosmik were the first two brands under Affpower and we sure had some good times with them, but the time has come to say goodbye. Newer brands like Park Lane Casino and Osiris have been outperforming those two by a significant margin and it's time to focus our efforts on the brands that provide the best conversion rate, the longest player life time and the highest commissions.

What happens to my commission for June?
All commissions earned on Cosmik and Deuce Club until the closure of the brands will of course be paid as usual.

What happens to my revenue share after the closure?

We will be happy, with your approval and at our own expense, to send cross promotions to your active and inactive player base. All crossed players will then remain under your account in the new casino they choose to sign up with. Your commission for these players will be the same as it currently is on Cosmik and Deuce Club.

What happens to my active campaigns?
If you have any active campaigns sending traffic to Cosmik or Deuce Club I'll be happy to replace them with top-converting promotions for our other partner brands. Your deal will stay the same as it is on Cosmik/Deuce Club. I'm also open to discuss a new deal with you to apply to our other brands.
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Re: Cosmik and Deuce Club Casino close down.

Thanks for posting the link of blacklisted casinos here...I have been the part of such fraud casino and lost huge amount of money..I am really grateful for this thread..thanks again!!

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