How to get gamling traffic on YouTube. I share my best practices.

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How to get gamling traffic on YouTube. I share my best practices.

Hi people!
I immediately inform you that under the video below there are referral links to online casinos. This is by no means an advertisement to make money. The goal is completely different! Let's put it this way: this insider information is obtained from our own projects.

A small retrospective.
A few years ago, my entire TGB team (The Gambler Bay) had experience streaming on YouTube and Twitch. It was an experiment, we understood little. But the topic "Streaming games in online casinos" was very popular at that time, and the project was on the rise. Everything turned out, but there was very little profit)! It was a Russian-speaking audience. In parallel, we launched streams in online casinos for an English-speaking audience; This project failed due to poor language skills.

Our streamers played for real money in online casinos, unlike many who deceived their viewers and played for free!

Then, after closing projects for streams on YouTube and Twitch, I continued to study YouTube, namely, I began to produce video content.
My level of knowledge in the gaming industry grew with each new video review of a casino or slot machine. The number of views has increased, subscribers have appeared on the channel, and now registration and making profit in affiliate programs has begun.

The average time for YouTube’s channel withdrawal for profit is 1 year. This is twice as much time to profit in other niches such as travel. But in our business, speed is not important, stable growth is important, which does not require the cost of hosting and buying a domain. Correct me if I am wrong)!

The first YouTube channel we invested in was The Gambler Bay In parallel with the creation of content in The Gambler Bay, a video content channel was also filled. Now 34K views and 100 subscribers. At the same time, we get referrals to the main site that Google prefers.

YouTube channel statistics (The Gambler Bay) here. The graph shows a steady increase in video views. Now 50 views per day, an envelope with such a small traffic can be different, it all depends on a number of factors. Quality of content, disclosure of topics, geo.

Another YouTube project is High n Roll. This channel, or rather its content, I like the most))! The channel is not accompanied by a branded site, the usual landing page provided by one aggregator of affiliate programs is riveted.

This project started later than the previous one, but the dynamics of the number of views is slightly better. The traffic envelope is stable. Registration and deposits are. Last year, this channel brought more than $ 1,000 and increased in price.

Here are the statistics of High n Roll. Statistics show that there are almost twice as many visits - about 80 visits per day. The content is focused on Australia, but transitions to online casinos show different countries. Popular 3: AU, CA, USA, of which there were deposits.

An example of these two projects shows that they differ not only in appearance, but also in the difference in the point of impact on the audience. High n Roll is more narrowed in geography, and therefore it will be better to convert!

I would like to show a third example, this is a pure experiment, and it has just begun. He has fewer visits per day, but the prospect is already visible. VR Casinos the content that is posted there is 360 videos. Slots, online casino reviews, bonuses.

Here are his statistics, recently there has been an increase in visits

To summarize, I want to say that if everything is done correctly, you can make money on YouTube channels no worse than on sites, or at least supplement your site, this also works!

Here is such a small insider, I hope it was useful, write your questions. It is very interesting to know your opinion. is a website designed to display the player various ratings of each brand of online casino. It often happens that on one site we see a list of the best online casinos with a very good free online penny slots, and on the other site the rating is low.