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Moon games adds Live roulette

Newsupdate from Moon Games..

Moon games Live roulette games run on software developed by Netent, a premium live roulette game provider that has been supplying services to top online casinos around the world since 1996. Netent's live roulette games give players a seamless, realistic and cutting-edge gaming experience with tables open for play 24/7.

Netent is the industry standard for user-friendly online roulette games and has distinguished itself as the #1 live roulette game provider, second to none.
Moon Games is now inviting you to Enjoy this game with up to £500 free welcome bonus  live dealers and play to win REAL CASH 24/7.

As soon as you login to the game you will have live dealers (guys and girls) greeting you, speaking to you and guiding you through your online live roulette experience.
You can now live this amazing live roulette experience from the comfort of your home and recive a 100% match up to £500 from Moon Games casino.
Here are some helpful tips on how to play live roulette. It's simple and so rewarding.
All you have to do to begin is login and select your roulette table.
the live roulette dealers will greet you and help you get on your way.
Once you've chosen your roulette table, select your lucky numbers (we've all got some on hand) and start betting. Good luck!
See the 'Winnings Table' to learn about the payouts for each bet.
Live Roulette Rules
In European Roulette, there are numerous ways to make your bets.
Each of your wagers will cover different numbers and have a different distribution.
Follow these live roulette rules and you'll be on your way to some big wins in no time!
Each live roulette table has a set of maximum and minimum position limits, which are indicated on the table. Each bet on available positions must fall between the specific limits indicated.
The designated limits pertain to a Straight up bet, but some tables also include an overall maximum and minimum table limit, which means your total bets must stay within the indicated amounts.
All limits can be found in the Limits panel.
Straight Up
Put your chip on the centre of any number, including 0, to bet on that number. Find out the maximum wagering amount in the Info tab.
Split Bet
In live roulette, you can also bet on two numbers at once. In order to do so, place your chip on the line in between your chosen numbers. The maximum bet is calculated by taking the Straight Up maximum bet and multiplying it by two.
Street Bet
If you want to place a bet on an entire row of three numbers (also known as a street), put your chip at the end of the row, on the boundary line of the table. Multiply the Straight Up maximum bet by three for your maximum bet here.
Corner Bet
If you want to bet on four numbers, place your chips on the live roulette table where the 4 numbers meet. The max wager here is the Straight Up max multiplied by four.
Four Bet
If you want to wager on 0, 1, 2 and 3, place your chip on the line where the 0 meets the first row. Multiply the Straight Up bet max to get the Four Bet max.
Line Bet
In live roulette, you can also wager money on two street bets (two rows, six numbers). In order to do so, put your chip on the line that intersects the boundary line of the table and the line that separates the two rows. The maximum wager here is the Straight Up bet max multiplied by six.
Column Bet
If you want to place your bet on an entire column of numbers, simply put your chip(s) in one of the boxes at the bottom that says "2 to 1". If any of your numbers from the column is hit, your payout is 2:1, but 0 is a losing number. The maximum and minimum bet limits are under the Table Limits panel.
Dozen Bet
Your final betting option in live roulette is the Dozen Bet, whereby you can wager on 12 numbers. There are three boxes labeled "1st 12," "2nd 12" and "3rd 12" – place your chip in one of those boxes to wager a Dozen Bet. You are paid 2:1 if one of your 12 numbers is hit, but once again, 0 is a losing number. See the Table limits panel to see your maximum and minimum bet limits.