The Grand Live season moves on to Cyprus in Feb!

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The Grand Live season moves on to Cyprus in Feb!


With the popularity of online poker getting greater by the year, there are an increasing number of tournaments cropping up for people to win big. Users log on to their accounts to play in different tournaments whenever they like and, every once in a while, players can win much more than just a load of cash from such competitions.

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Grand Live Qualifiers
On all sites, there will be qualifiers for particular tournaments and a season-long affiliation that is going from strength to strength is Grand Live, which is into its fourth season. Its next stop is in Prague in December, but qualifiers for Grand Live that are almost over, so the focus is moving on to the next poker competition, which will be in Cyprus next February.

Qualifiers will be starting from next month on November 5th and lasting all the way through until January 19th for the big tournament that will be taking place from February 26th. It will be at the Merit Cove Hotel and Casino and people that play in particular tournaments in the coming months will be in with a shout of taking part.

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Grand Live Cyprus Package
If people get through to the online finals and supersteps, they can win a Grand Live Cyprus package, which includes $1,360 (£842) + $140, $1,000 on accommodation and other expenses and a further $500 travel and spending to enjoy while there. So if you fancy escaping the snow this winter, then join in the fun and play poker deep in the heart of the Mediterranean. Imagine the gentle waves lapping at your feet follow a hard day's labour at the poker.

Let's not forget that you could also win big at the Grand Live tournament itself, so take a chance and try to qualify for this major competition as you never know when you'll have a better chance to take home a lot of money in such luxurious surroundings.

There is surely no better way to escape those winter blues that people will be experiencing this February.